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Toivo Mwaala
Apr 10

What can subordinates do to improve the autocratic leader?

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Apr 10
1. Provide feedback: Subordinates can offer constructive feedback to the autocratic leader on their leadership style, communication methods, and decision-making processes. This feedback can help the leader understand how their actions are perceived by others and identify areas for improvement.

2. Offer suggestions: Subordinates can suggest alternative approaches or solutions to problems that the autocratic leader may not have considered. By offering different perspectives, subordinates can help the leader make more informed decisions and improve their leadership effectiveness.

3. Support and collaborate: Subordinates can demonstrate their support for the autocratic leader by following their instructions, meeting deadlines, and working collaboratively with their colleagues. By showing loyalty and commitment, subordinates can help the leader achieve their goals and build trust within the team.

4. Seek clarification: Subordinates can seek clarification from the autocratic leader on their expectations, goals, and priorities. By asking questions and seeking guidance, subordinates can ensure that they understand the leader's vision and can align their efforts accordingly.

5. Provide recognition: Subordinates can acknowledge the autocratic leader's strengths, accomplishments, and contributions to the team. By showing appreciation and recognition, subordinates can motivate the leader to continue their efforts and strive for excellence in their role.

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