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Mar 11

What data or information can be used to analyze Cyber Security incident? ?

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Mar 11
1. Log files: Log files contain a record of all activities on a system or network, including login attempts, file access, and network traffic. Analyzing log files can help identify suspicious or malicious activity.

2. Network traffic data: Network traffic data includes information about the flow of data between devices on a network. Analyzing network traffic data can help identify unusual patterns or anomalies that may indicate a cyber security incident.

3. System and application logs: System and application logs contain information about the operation of specific software or hardware components. Analyzing system and application logs can help identify vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that may have been exploited in a cyber security incident.

4. Intrusion detection system (IDS) alerts: IDS alerts are generated when suspicious or malicious activity is detected on a network. Analyzing IDS alerts can help identify potential cyber security incidents and respond to them in a timely manner.

5. Security incident reports: Security incident reports document the details of a cyber security incident, including the timeline of events, impact on the organization, and remediation efforts. Analyzing security incident reports can help identify trends and patterns in cyber security incidents.

6. Threat intelligence feeds: Threat intelligence feeds provide information about known threats, vulnerabilities, and attack techniques. Analyzing threat intelligence feeds can help organizations proactively defend against cyber security incidents by implementing appropriate security controls.

7. Forensic analysis: Forensic analysis involves collecting and analyzing digital evidence to determine the cause and impact of a cyber security incident. Forensic analysis can help organizations understand the scope of an incident and identify the responsible parties.

8. Security policies and procedures: Security policies and procedures outline the rules and guidelines for protecting an organization's information assets. Analyzing security policies and procedures can help identify gaps or weaknesses that may have contributed to a cyber security incident.

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