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Jun 17

What do you understand by packers or till operator's jobs?

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Jun 17
Packers or till operators are responsible for packaging goods in a retail or warehouse setting, ensuring that they are properly sealed and labeled for shipment or sale. They may also operate cash registers and process customer transactions, handling payments and providing receipts. Packers and till operators play a crucial role in ensuring that products are packaged and sold efficiently and accurately.
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Jun 17

A packer is a skilled laborer who operates a packing machine to package various products, such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. Their responsibilities include:

- Setting up and operating packing machines
- Loading and unloading materials into and out of the machine
- Monitoring the operation of the machine and making adjustments as needed
- Inspecting packaged products for defects
- Maintaining and cleaning the packing machine
- Ensuring adherence to safety protocols

Till Operator

A till operator, also known as a cashier, is responsible for processing customer transactions at a retail establishment. Their duties include:

- Greeting and assisting customers
- Scanning and bagging items purchased by customers
- Processing payments (cash, credit cards, etc.)
- Providing change and receipts
- Maintaining a clean and organized checkout area
- Handling customer inquiries and complaints
- Ensuring compliance with store policies and procedures
- Managing the cash drawer and reconciling daily transactions
- Providing excellent customer service

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