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William Badu
Mar 21

What is a detailed example of teaching homiletics outline template in Luke 7:11-17?

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Mar 21
Title: The Power of Compassion: A Homiletical Study of Luke 7:11-17

I. Introduction
A. Opening illustration: Share a personal story or anecdote about a time when you witnessed or experienced compassion in action.
B. Introduce the passage: Luke 7:11-17 tells the story of Jesus raising a widow's son from the dead, demonstrating his compassion and power.
C. Thesis statement: Through this passage, we will explore the transformative power of compassion and how it can bring new life to those who are suffering.

II. Exegesis
A. Context: Set the scene by providing background information on the cultural and historical context of the passage.
B. Summary: Briefly outline the events of the passage, highlighting key details such as the widow's grief, Jesus' compassion, and the miraculous healing.
C. Key themes: Identify and discuss the themes of compassion, power, and new life that are present in the passage.

III. Application
A. Personal reflection: Encourage listeners to reflect on their own experiences of compassion and how they can show compassion to others in their daily lives.
B. Practical application: Offer practical suggestions for how listeners can demonstrate compassion in tangible ways, such as volunteering at a local charity or reaching out to someone in need.
C. Challenge: Challenge listeners to step out of their comfort zones and actively seek opportunities to show compassion to those who are suffering.

IV. Conclusion
A. Recap: Summarize the main points of the sermon, emphasizing the importance of compassion and its transformative power.
B. Closing illustration: Share a final story or anecdote that reinforces the message of compassion and new life.
C. Call to action: Invite listeners to respond to the message by committing to showing compassion to others and seeking opportunities to bring new life to those in need.
D. Closing prayer: Close the sermon with a prayer asking for God's guidance and strength to show compassion and bring new life to those around us.

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