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What is continuations sheet as used in typing stage three and it's importance? ?

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A continuations sheet is a separate sheet of paper used in typing stage three to continue typing a document that has exceeded the space available on the original sheet. It is important because it allows the typist to seamlessly continue typing without having to start a new page or disrupt the flow of the document. This ensures that the document remains organized and easy to read. Additionally, using a continuations sheet helps to maintain the professional appearance of the document.
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Continuation Sheet

A continuation sheet is an additional sheet used in typing when the text of a document exceeds the capacity of a single page. It ensures that the text flows seamlessly from one page to the next.

Importance of Continuation Sheets in Typing

- Preserves Text Integrity: Continuation sheets allow for uninterrupted text flow, ensuring that the content of the document is presented in its correct sequence and without any breaks.
- Maintains Document Formatting: Templates and formatting settings can be easily transferred to continuation sheets, preserving the overall appearance and consistency of the document.
- Facilitates Page Numbering: When using multiple continuation sheets, page numbering can be easily maintained to help readers navigate the document effectively.
- Improves Accessibility: By preventing text from being spread across multiple lines or pages, continuation sheets enhance readability and accessibility for readers, especially those with visual impairments.
- Reduces the Need for Reworking: Continuation sheets eliminate the need to retype or reformat text if it overflows onto a new page, saving time and effort.

Method of Use

To use a continuation sheet in typing, follow these steps:

1. Type up to the end of the first page.
2. Insert a continuation sheet into the typewriter.
3. Advance the paper so that the first line on the continuation sheet is the next sequential line of text.
4. Continue typing the text.

Tips for Effective Usage

- Use the same paper type and formatting settings for continuation sheets as the original page.
- Clearly mark continuation sheets with the page number and a "CONT." or "CONTINUED" notation in the header or footer.
- Ensure that the text flows smoothly from the first page to the continuation sheets without any gaps or overlaps.
- Proofread the entire document, including continuation sheets, before submitting it.

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