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Lonic Chida
Nov 5, 2023

What is involved in naming of a variety in the variety release process in Kenya?

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Nov 5, 2023
The naming of a variety in the variety release process in Kenya involves several steps and considerations. Here is an overview of the process:

1. Variety Evaluation: The first step is to evaluate the performance and characteristics of the new variety. This includes conducting field trials and laboratory tests to assess its agronomic traits, disease resistance, yield potential, and other relevant factors.

2. Variety Description: A detailed description of the variety is prepared, highlighting its distinguishing features, such as plant morphology, growth habit, seed characteristics, and any unique traits or qualities.

3. Variety Naming: Once the variety is deemed suitable for release, a name needs to be assigned. The name should be unique, easy to remember, and relevant to the variety's characteristics or origin. It should not be misleading or similar to existing variety names to avoid confusion.

4. Variety Naming Committee: A Variety Naming Committee is formed, consisting of experts from relevant agricultural research institutions, seed companies, and regulatory bodies. This committee is responsible for reviewing and approving the proposed name.

5. Name Proposal: The breeder or applicant submits a name proposal to the Variety Naming Committee. The proposal includes the rationale behind the name, its relevance to the variety, and any supporting documentation or references.

6. Committee Review: The Variety Naming Committee reviews the proposed name and assesses its suitability. They consider factors such as uniqueness, clarity, appropriateness, and adherence to naming guidelines or regulations.

7. Approval and Registration: If the proposed name meets the committee's criteria, it is approved and registered as the official name for the variety. The name is then published in official variety release documents and databases.

It is important to note that the variety naming process may vary slightly depending on the specific regulations and guidelines of the country or region.

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