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What is retriture review ?

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A literature review is a critical evaluation and analysis of existing research and literature on a specific topic. It involves summarizing, synthesizing, and evaluating the information and findings from various sources to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge on the topic. Literature reviews are commonly conducted as part of academic research projects to help situate the study within the existing body of literature and identify gaps or areas for further research.
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Retributive Review

Retributive review is a type of legal review that focuses on the punishment aspect of criminal cases. It is based on the principle of retribution, which holds that criminals should be punished for their crimes in order to satisfy society's need for justice and deter future wrongdoing.

Key Features:

- Focus on Punishment: Retributive review prioritizes the severity of the punishment imposed on the offender.
- Accountability: It holds offenders accountable for their actions and ensures that they face the consequences.
- Revenge Element: Retribution involves an element of revenge or payback for the harm caused by the crime.
- Deterrence Goal: Retributive review aims to deter future crimes by setting an example and demonstrating the consequences of wrongdoing.


A retributive review typically involves:

1. Assessment of the Crime: The severity of the crime and the harm caused are evaluated.
2. Determination of Punishment: The appropriate punishment is determined based on the nature of the crime, the offender's prior record, and mitigating or aggravating circumstances.
3. Imposition of Sentence: The court imposes a sentence that is proportionate to the crime committed.


- Promotes justice and accountability.
- Deters future crimes by instilling fear of punishment.
- Provides closure and satisfaction to victims and society.


- Focus on punishment may overshadow rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders.
- Potential for excessive or disproportionate punishments.
- Can be perceived as vindictive or cruel.

Comparison to Other Theories:

Retributive review differs from other legal review theories, such as:

- Utilitarianism: Aims to maximize happiness and minimize pain for society as a whole.
- Rehabilitation: Focuses on treating and rehabilitating offenders to reduce recidivism.
- Restorative Justice: Seeks to repair harm caused by crime and promote reconciliation.


Retributive review remains an important aspect of criminal justice systems, providing a framework for punishing offenders and deterring future wrongdoing. However, it is often balanced with other theories, such as rehabilitation and restorative justice, to ensure a more comprehensive approach to criminal justice.

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