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Dec 7, 2023

What makes one a good listener??(7 points)??

Listening skills
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Dec 7, 2023
1. Paying attention: A good listener is fully present and focused on the speaker, giving them their undivided attention. They avoid distractions and actively engage in the conversation.

2. Empathy: Good listeners are able to put themselves in the speaker's shoes and understand their perspective. They show genuine empathy and try to see things from the speaker's point of view, without judgment or bias.

3. Non-verbal cues: Effective listeners use non-verbal cues such as nodding, maintaining eye contact, and using appropriate facial expressions to show that they are actively listening and interested in what the speaker is saying.

4. Asking clarifying questions: Good listeners ask relevant questions to seek clarification and ensure they have understood the speaker's message correctly. This demonstrates their commitment to understanding and encourages the speaker to provide more information.

5. Avoiding interruptions: A good listener refrains from interrupting the speaker, allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings fully. They understand the importance of giving the speaker uninterrupted time to communicate their message.

6. Reflective listening: Good listeners practice reflective listening by paraphrasing or summarizing what the speaker has said. This technique helps to confirm understanding and shows the speaker that their message has been heard and comprehended.

7. Being non-judgmental: Good listeners suspend judgment and avoid jumping to conclusions or making assumptions. They create a safe and open environment for the speaker to express themselves without fear of criticism or negative evaluation.
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