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Apr 17

What os the difference between literature review and thioretical foundation?

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Apr 17
A literature review is a comprehensive summary and analysis of existing research and publications on a specific topic or research question. It provides an overview of the current state of knowledge in the field, identifies gaps in the existing literature, and highlights key findings and trends.

On the other hand, a theoretical foundation refers to the theoretical framework or theoretical perspective that guides a research study. It involves identifying and discussing the theoretical concepts, principles, and models that inform the research design and methodology. The theoretical foundation helps to establish the theoretical basis for the study and provides a framework for interpreting the research findings.

In summary, while a literature review focuses on summarizing and analyzing existing research, a theoretical foundation focuses on establishing the theoretical framework that informs the research study.
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Apr 17
Literature Review

- Focus: Examines existing scholarly works and research on a specific topic.
- Purpose:
- Synthesize and present the findings from previous studies.
- Identify gaps in the literature and areas for further research.
- Provide a comprehensive overview of the topic.
- Scope: Typically includes published scholarly articles, books, and other research materials.
- Organization: Often uses specific headings and subheadings to structure the review.

Theoretical Foundation

- Focus: Explores the theoretical principles and concepts that underlie a research study.
- Purpose:
- Establish a framework for understanding and interpreting the research.
- Provide a solid basis for developing hypotheses and research questions.
- Explain how the chosen theories inform the study's methodology and analysis.
- Scope: Typically includes existing theories, models, and concepts relevant to the research topic.
- Organization: May present a single theory in depth or compare and contrast multiple theories.

Key Differences

- Scope: Literature reviews are broader, covering a wide range of previous research. Theoretical foundations are narrower, focusing on a specific set of theories.
- Purpose: Literature reviews provide an overview and identify gaps in knowledge. Theoretical foundations establish a framework for the research.
- Organization: Literature reviews often follow a chronological or thematic structure, while theoretical foundations may present a more complex logical sequence.
- Relationship: The theoretical foundation may guide the literature review, as the researcher selects works that are relevant to the chosen theory. The literature review, in turn, can provide empirical evidence to support the theoretical framework.

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