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asma Kessy
Feb 23

What ways used to generate research problems?

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Feb 23
1. Literature review: Reviewing existing literature and research studies can help identify gaps in knowledge or areas that require further investigation.

2. Observations and experiences: Researchers may generate research problems based on their own observations, experiences, or interactions with a particular phenomenon or issue.

3. Stakeholder input: Consulting with stakeholders such as community members, policymakers, or industry professionals can help identify research problems that are relevant and important to them.

4. Theory development: Developing or refining theories can lead to the identification of research problems that need to be explored in order to test or expand upon existing theories.

5. Current events and trends: Research problems can also be generated by current events, trends, or emerging issues that require further investigation.

6. Collaboration and brainstorming: Collaborating with other researchers or engaging in brainstorming sessions can help generate new research problems by combining different perspectives and expertise.

7. Funding opportunities: Research problems may also be generated based on funding opportunities or priorities set by funding agencies or organizations.

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