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Feb 20

What were the causes of the 1964 Buganda crisis , 10 points??????

Buganda crisis
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Feb 20
1. Political tensions between the Buganda Kingdom and the central government of Uganda, led by Prime Minister Milton Obote, had been escalating for several years.
2. The Buganda Kingdom felt marginalized and oppressed by the central government, which they believed was encroaching on their autonomy and traditional authority.
3. The central government's decision to abolish the federal system of government in Uganda in 1962 further strained relations with Buganda, as it reduced the kingdom's political power and influence.
4. Disagreements over land ownership and control, particularly in urban areas like Kampala, also contributed to the tensions between Buganda and the central government.
5. The central government's attempts to assert control over Buganda's finances and administration, including the appointment of non-Buganda officials to key positions, further fueled the crisis.
6. The assassination of Kabaka Mutesa II, the king of Buganda, in exile in 1969, exacerbated the already tense situation and led to widespread unrest and violence in Buganda.
7. The central government's decision to deploy troops to suppress protests and maintain order in Buganda only served to escalate the conflict and deepen the mistrust between the two sides.
8. The lack of effective communication and dialogue between Buganda and the central government also played a role in the escalation of the crisis, as both sides were unwilling to compromise or find a peaceful resolution.
9. The involvement of external actors, such as neighboring countries and international organizations, in the Buganda crisis further complicated the situation and made it harder to reach a resolution.
10. The legacy of colonialism and the arbitrary borders drawn by European powers in Africa also contributed to the underlying tensions between Buganda and the central government, as they struggled to reconcile their traditional authority with the modern state.

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