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Feb 12

Why did Kenya receive more military assistance from US ???

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Feb 12
There are several reasons why Kenya has received more military assistance from the United States:

1. Counterterrorism efforts: Kenya has been a key partner in the fight against terrorism, particularly in the Horn of Africa region. The country has faced numerous terrorist attacks, most notably from the Somalia-based extremist group Al-Shabaab. The United States has provided military assistance to help Kenya enhance its counterterrorism capabilities and improve its ability to respond to and prevent such attacks.

2. Regional stability: Kenya plays a crucial role in maintaining stability in East Africa. It has been involved in peacekeeping missions in neighboring countries, such as Somalia and South Sudan. The United States provides military assistance to Kenya to support its efforts in promoting regional stability and peacekeeping operations.

3. Maritime security: Kenya has a long coastline along the Indian Ocean, making it vulnerable to piracy and other maritime security threats. The United States has provided military assistance to help Kenya strengthen its maritime security capabilities, including training and equipment, to combat piracy and protect its waters.

4. Training and capacity building: The United States has been involved in training and capacity building programs for the Kenyan military. This assistance aims to enhance the professionalism, skills, and capabilities of the Kenyan armed forces, enabling them to better address security challenges within the country and the region.

5. Partnership and diplomatic relations: Kenya has maintained a strong partnership with the United States for many years. The military assistance provided by the U.S. is part of the broader bilateral relationship between the two countries, which includes economic, political, and social cooperation. The assistance helps strengthen the ties between the two nations and promotes mutual interests in security and stability.

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