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Mohammed Laabry
Dec 24, 2023

Why human stomach is suited for digestion of protein?

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Dec 24, 2023
The human stomach is suited for the digestion of protein due to several reasons:

1. Presence of hydrochloric acid: The stomach secretes hydrochloric acid, which helps in denaturing proteins. This acid breaks down the complex protein structures into simpler forms, making them more accessible for further digestion.

2. Pepsin enzyme: The stomach also produces an enzyme called pepsin, which is specifically designed to break down proteins. Pepsin works in an acidic environment and helps to break down proteins into smaller peptides.

3. Mechanical churning: The stomach muscles contract and relax, creating a churning motion that helps to mix the food with digestive juices. This mechanical action aids in breaking down proteins into smaller particles, facilitating their digestion.

4. Gastric emptying rate: The stomach has a controlled rate of emptying, allowing sufficient time for protein digestion. This ensures that proteins are adequately broken down before they move into the small intestine for further absorption.

Overall, the combination of hydrochloric acid, pepsin enzyme, mechanical churning, and controlled gastric emptying rate makes the human stomach well-suited for the digestion of proteins.

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