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Why is God referred as our in the Lord's prayer?

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In the Lord's prayer, God is referred to as "our Father" because it emphasizes the idea of God as a loving and caring parent to all of humanity. By using the term "our," it signifies that God is the Father of all people, regardless of race, nationality, or background. It also highlights the sense of community and unity among believers, as they come together to address God as a collective group. Additionally, referring to God as "our Father" emphasizes the intimate and personal relationship that believers have with God, as a loving and compassionate caregiver who provides for their needs and guides them in their lives.
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In the Lord's Prayer, God is referred to as "our" to emphasize the communal nature of prayer and the belief that all believers are part of a single family or community of faith.

Communal Nature of Prayer:
- The "our" implies that prayer is not an individualistic activity but involves the entire community of believers.
- It encourages praying together, sharing needs and concerns, and seeking God's presence and guidance as a group.

Belonging to a Family of Faith:
- Using "our" signifies that all Christians are connected as siblings in the family of God.
- It fosters a sense of unity and interdependence among believers.
- By addressing God as "our" Father, Christians acknowledge their shared identity as children of God.

Shared Experience and Dependence:
- The "our" indicates that believers share similar needs, hopes, and struggles.
- It reflects the idea that all Christians rely on God's provision, forgiveness, and protection.
- By praying together, they recognize their common dependence on God and their need for his grace.

Empowerment and Encouragement:
- Including "our" in the Lord's Prayer provides a sense of empowerment and encouragement.
- It assures believers that they are not alone in their faith and that their prayers are supported by the collective prayers of the community.
- It promotes a spirit of unity, mutual support, and a shared desire for God's kingdom to come.

Furthermore, the use of "our" in the Lord's Prayer is consistent with the teaching of Jesus throughout the Gospels, where he emphasizes the importance of community and unity among his followers (e.g., John 17:20-21). By praying "our Father," Christians not only address God as their individual Father but also acknowledge their connection with all those who believe in him.

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