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Jan 11

Why was Abu jehl furious?

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Jan 11
Abu Jahl, also known as Abu Lahab, was a prominent figure in Mecca during the time of Prophet Muhammad. He was the uncle of the Prophet and one of his staunchest opponents. Abu Jahl was furious for several reasons:

1. Opposition to Islam: Abu Jahl vehemently opposed the message of Islam brought by Prophet Muhammad. He saw it as a threat to the traditional polytheistic beliefs and power structure in Mecca. Abu Jahl was a leader among the Quraysh tribe, and he feared that the growing influence of Islam would undermine his authority and social status.

2. Public humiliation: Abu Jahl was publicly humiliated by the Prophet Muhammad on several occasions. For example, when Abu Jahl tried to harm the Prophet during his prostration in the Kaaba, he was warned by a mysterious voice that he would be defeated. This incident, along with others, caused Abu Jahl to feel humiliated and enraged.

3. Loss of influence: As Islam gained followers and support, Abu Jahl's influence and power diminished. Many influential figures in Mecca, including some from his own tribe, embraced Islam, which further threatened his position. This loss of influence and control over people infuriated Abu Jahl.

4. Economic interests: Abu Jahl was also motivated by economic interests. The Kaaba, the sacred house of worship in Mecca, was a center of pilgrimage and trade. The Prophet Muhammad's teachings against idol worship and his call for social justice threatened the economic benefits derived from the polytheistic practices associated with the Kaaba. Abu Jahl, being a custodian of the Kaaba, saw his economic interests at stake.

Overall, Abu Jahl's fury stemmed from his opposition to Islam, fear of losing power and influence, public humiliation, and economic concerns.

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