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Apr 15

Why would you as a security officer keep a pocket book?

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Apr 15
As a security officer, keeping a pocket book can be beneficial for several reasons:

1. Documentation: A pocket book allows the security officer to document any incidents, observations, or interactions that occur during their shift. This documentation can be crucial for legal purposes, investigations, or reporting to supervisors.

2. Communication: A pocket book can serve as a communication tool between shifts or with other security personnel. Important information, instructions, or updates can be written down and easily shared with others.

3. Reference: A pocket book can also serve as a reference tool for the security officer. They can jot down important phone numbers, procedures, or notes to refer back to when needed.

4. Accountability: Keeping a pocket book can help the security officer stay organized and accountable for their actions and responsibilities. It can serve as a log of their activities and tasks completed during their shift.

Overall, a pocket book can help a security officer stay organized, informed, and prepared while on duty.

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