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Simon Marweyi
Apr 10

With APA referencing, examine the Taba's model of curriculum design?

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Apr 10
Taba's model of curriculum design, developed by Hilda Taba in the 1960s, is a systematic approach to curriculum development that emphasizes the importance of teachers actively engaging in the design process. Taba's model consists of seven steps:

1. Diagnosis of needs: This step involves identifying the needs and interests of students, as well as the goals and objectives of the curriculum.

2. Formulation of objectives: In this step, specific learning objectives are developed based on the identified needs and goals.

3. Selection of content: Teachers select the content and materials that will help students achieve the learning objectives.

4. Organization of content: The content is organized in a logical sequence to facilitate student learning.

5. Selection of learning experiences: Teachers choose appropriate learning experiences, such as activities, projects, and assessments, to help students achieve the objectives.

6. Organization of learning experiences: The learning experiences are organized in a coherent and meaningful way to support student learning.

7. Evaluation: The final step involves assessing student learning to determine the effectiveness of the curriculum design.

In APA referencing, you would cite Taba's model of curriculum design as follows:

Taba, H. (1962). Curriculum development: Theory and practice. Harcourt, Brace & World.

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