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Women's portrayal in Aeneid?

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In the Aeneid, women are portrayed in a variety of ways, reflecting the societal norms and expectations of ancient Rome. Some of the key female characters in the epic include Queen Dido of Carthage, Aeneas' mother Venus, and the goddess Juno.

Queen Dido is depicted as a passionate and powerful ruler who falls in love with Aeneas and ultimately meets a tragic end. Her love for Aeneas leads her to forsake her duties as queen and ultimately results in her suicide when Aeneas leaves her to fulfill his destiny.

Venus, Aeneas' mother and a goddess, is portrayed as a protective and nurturing figure who guides and supports her son throughout his journey. She intervenes on his behalf with the other gods and helps him navigate the challenges he faces.

Juno, the queen of the gods, is a complex character who is often portrayed as a jealous and vengeful figure. She opposes Aeneas and his mission to found Rome, as it goes against her own interests. Juno's actions throughout the epic are driven by her desire to thwart Aeneas and the Trojans at every turn.

Overall, the portrayal of women in the Aeneid reflects the traditional gender roles and expectations of ancient Roman society, with women often depicted as emotional and passionate figures who play significant roles in the lives of the male characters.

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