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Fatmata T bah
Feb 9

Write about your parents and your high school and the environment was bad ?

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Feb 9
Growing up, I was fortunate to have parents who were loving, supportive, and always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. They instilled in me the values of hard work, determination, and resilience. My parents, both successful professionals in their respective fields, always emphasized the importance of education and the opportunities it could provide.

However, my high school experience was quite different from the nurturing environment my parents had created at home. The school I attended was plagued with various issues that made it a challenging place to learn and grow. The environment was characterized by a lack of discipline, inadequate resources, and a general sense of apathy among both students and teachers.

One of the major problems in my high school was the lack of discipline. There was a pervasive disregard for rules and authority, which resulted in disruptive behavior and a constant sense of chaos. This made it difficult for students who were genuinely interested in learning to focus and excel academically. Moreover, the lack of discipline also led to instances of bullying and violence, creating an unsafe environment for many students.

Another issue was the inadequate resources available to students. The school lacked proper facilities, such as well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and sports facilities. This limited our ability to engage in practical learning experiences and hindered our overall academic development. Additionally, the shortage of qualified teachers meant that we often had to make do with subpar instruction, further hindering our educational progress.

Perhaps the most disheartening aspect of my high school experience was the prevailing sense of apathy among both students and teachers. Many students seemed disinterested in their studies, often skipping classes or engaging in disruptive behavior. This lack of motivation was mirrored by some teachers who seemed to have lost their passion for teaching. As a result, the overall learning environment suffered, and students who were eager to learn were left feeling frustrated and neglected.

Despite these challenges, I was fortunate to have the unwavering support of my parents. They recognized the shortcomings of my high school and encouraged me to focus on my studies, seek additional resources outside of school, and pursue extracurricular activities that would enhance my skills and knowledge. Their belief in my abilities and their constant encouragement helped me navigate through the difficult environment and maintain my motivation to succeed.

In conclusion, while my high school environment was far from ideal, I am grateful for the strong foundation my parents provided me with. Their love, support, and emphasis on education helped me overcome the challenges I faced and motivated me to strive for excellence. Their unwavering belief in my potential allowed me to rise above the negative influences of my high school and pursue my dreams with determination and resilience.

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