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2.the xhosa were determined not to give up?


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Jun 6

Yes, the Xhosa people, a Bantu ethnic group of Southern Africa, are known for their history of resilience and determination. They have a rich cultural heritage and a long history of resisting colonialism and oppression.

One notable event that demonstrates their determination is the Xhosa Cattle Killing Movement of the 1850s. At that time, the Xhosa society was undergoing tremendous social and economic upheaval due to the expansion of British colonialism in the region. In the face of these challenges, a young Xhosa girl named Nongqawuse claimed to have received a prophecy from the ancestors. She stated that if the Xhosa people killed all their cattle and destroyed their crops, the British would be driven out of Xhosa lands, and a new era of prosperity would follow.

The prophecy spread rapidly, and many Xhosa people, desperate for change, believed in Nongqawuse's message. Thousands of cattle were slaughtered, and fields were left barren. Unfortunately, the promised liberation did not come to pass, and a devastating famine ensued. Tens of thousands of Xhosa people died as a result of the cattle killing, and their society was severely weakened.

However, despite this tragic event, the Xhosa people did not give up. They persevered through the hardships, and over time, they rebuilt their communities and reestablished their cultural practices. Today, the Xhosa people continue to maintain their identity, language, and traditions, showing their enduring determination and resilience.

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