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Apr 8

Based on the article provided above, answer the questions below. 3.1 Define and discuss the concept of “Africanisation”. (4)?

Africanisation is a difficult concept to navigate, even for local corporations. This is because Africa
is a complex continent with very different needs, such that Publicity practitioners do not know
what to cater to. Research, diversity in the boardroom and transformation of the field are therefore
very important.
Read the article below and answer the questions that follow.
Here is Absa’s brand-new look.
Absa has overhauled its look, changing its logo and colour scheme to one that has been inspired
by Africa, marking the shift from a European-owned financial group to a proudly African firm. As
previously reported, part of the process involves a logo change, with the bank now adopting a
circular logo – as well as moving to a different shade of red. However, it’s not just one shade of
red that will be linked to the bank, with African theme running through the new branding and a
whole host of warm colours being included. Along with the new look launching, today also marks
the point at which the entire Absa group moves on from being Barclays Africa Limited and will be
trading as Absa Bank Limited. This applies to all its markets.
The change will be most notable in the group’s African operations where it has previously been
trading as a Barclays brand. In South Africa, the Absa name is already familiar. While Barclays is
no longer part of the Absa brand, it remains a partner in the group, and still has a 14.9% shareholding in the company. Branding in operations other than South Africa will still hold onto
the current Barclays branding for the time being, with all banks across all countries eventually
being brought under the Absa branding. This process is subject to regulatory conditions in each
market and is expected to be complete by 2020.
New slogan and purpose
With the new look, Absa is also moving on from its “Prosper” campaign, adopting two new
slogans. The first is “Africanacity”, speaking to the way that the people of Africa always find a way
to get things done. This will spearhead the group’s transition to a new Absa – while “Brave.
Passionate. Ready.” marks the bank’s attitude.
It has also adopted a new purpose statement – “bringing your possibilities to life”.
“This ethos will be the driving force that will define the new Absa, continually inspiring a desired
culture that creates opportunities for our customers to make ‘what is possible’ real.” The new Absa
aspires to be an entrepreneurial African banking group with global reach. One that makes a real
and lasting contribution to our customers and the societies we operate in,” the bank said.
Source: (Business Tech, 2018)
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Apr 8
Africanisation refers to the process of incorporating African cultural values, traditions, and practices into various aspects of society, such as education, politics, and economics. It involves promoting and celebrating African identity, heritage, and perspectives in order to counteract the effects of colonialism and globalization. Africanisation aims to empower Africans to take ownership of their own development and to create a more inclusive and equitable society that values and respects African cultures and traditions. This concept is important for promoting cultural diversity, social cohesion, and sustainable development in Africa.

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