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Umer Hussein
more than 1 week ago

1.     Which of the following best describes the perspective of historical particularism ?

1.     Which of the following best describes the perspective of historical particularism? A.    Cultures cannot be judged against one another but instead should be understood individually B.    Cultures have unique historical trajectories that shaped them C.    Cultures have similar, linear trajectories that will lead cultures to develop similarly D.    Cultures are best understood using a comparative approach to identify both similarities and differences among places

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4.3 Discuss the importance of “Africanising publicity”. (6)?

Africanisation is a difficult concept to navigate, even for local corporations. This is because Africa is a complex continent with very different needs, such that publicity practitioners do not know what to cater to. Research, diversity in the boardroom and transformation of publicity are therefore very important. Curro Holdings is no exception to the backlash from the public on their recent post believed to be portraying racial stereotypes. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow: CAPE TOWN (April 1, 2024) – Curro Holdings acknowledges that a post we published on social media portraying children in various workplace contexts was offensive due to the inappropriate stereotypes it depicted. The post was in error and has been deleted. We apologise for the offence caused and are urgently following our internal processes to understand fully the circumstances of the post to ensure that such an error is not repeated in the future. We will communicate further once the details of this unfortunate incident are established. Curro reiterates its commitment to diversity and non-racialism in our schools.

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