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Feb 27

Design a 4 step checklist for special meals on request ?

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Feb 27
1. Gather information: Start by collecting all necessary information from the guest requesting a special meal, including any dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences. This will help ensure that the meal is tailored to their specific needs.

2. Communicate with the kitchen: Once you have all the necessary information, communicate with the kitchen staff to ensure they are aware of the special meal request. Provide them with all relevant details and instructions to ensure the meal is prepared correctly.

3. Monitor preparation: Throughout the meal preparation process, monitor the progress to ensure that all guidelines and instructions are being followed. This will help prevent any mistakes or oversights that could compromise the quality or safety of the special meal.

4. Serve and follow up: Once the special meal is prepared, serve it to the guest and ensure that they are satisfied with the meal. Follow up with them after the meal to gather feedback and address any concerns or issues that may have arisen. This will help ensure that the guest's needs are met and that they have a positive dining experience.

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