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Feb 26

Explain five part of bronchial tree?

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Feb 26
1. Trachea: The trachea, also known as the windpipe, is the main airway that connects the larynx (voice box) to the bronchi. It is a tube made of cartilage rings that allows air to pass in and out of the lungs.

2. Bronchi: The bronchi are the two main branches that extend from the trachea into the lungs. The right bronchus leads to the right lung, while the left bronchus leads to the left lung. The bronchi further divide into smaller branches called bronchioles.

3. Bronchioles: Bronchioles are smaller branches of the bronchi that continue to divide and become narrower as they extend deeper into the lungs. They eventually lead to clusters of tiny air sacs called alveoli, where gas exchange takes place.

4. Alveoli: Alveoli are small, balloon-like structures located at the end of the bronchioles in the lungs. They are surrounded by a network of capillaries and are where oxygen from the air we breathe enters the bloodstream and carbon dioxide is removed from the blood.

5. Respiratory bronchioles: Respiratory bronchioles are the smallest branches of the bronchial tree that contain alveoli. They are responsible for conducting air to the alveoli for gas exchange to occur.

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