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Derick Makatu
Mar 22

How gender schema theory promote gender development?

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Mar 22
Gender schema theory promotes gender development by suggesting that individuals develop a mental framework, or schema, for understanding and organizing information about gender. This schema influences how individuals perceive, interpret, and remember information related to gender, shaping their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

By internalizing societal norms and expectations about gender, individuals develop a sense of their own gender identity and learn how to behave in ways that are considered appropriate for their gender. This process of gender schema development begins in early childhood and continues throughout the lifespan, shaping how individuals perceive themselves and others in terms of gender.

Gender schema theory also suggests that individuals actively seek out information that is consistent with their gender schema, while ignoring or distorting information that is inconsistent. This selective attention and interpretation of gender-related information reinforces and strengthens the individual's gender schema, leading to the perpetuation of traditional gender roles and stereotypes.

Overall, gender schema theory promotes gender development by highlighting the role of cognitive processes in shaping individuals' understanding of gender and influencing their behavior in accordance with societal norms and expectations. By understanding how gender schemas are formed and maintained, researchers and educators can work to challenge and change harmful gender stereotypes and promote more equitable and inclusive attitudes and behaviors.

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