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Discuss physical elements, psychosocial elements, and service delivery at school in the following passage.

Trinity Secondary School is a non-paying fee school situated in the Gauteng Province. There is no security system in place and the school fence was cut in several places because the community use the school as a short cut to a taxi rank. This resulted in some classes being severely vandalized. The school has 26 teachers over 600 learners from Grade 7 to Grade 12. The school had been classified as a poor performing school in the Gauteng province based on the learner performance for the past three years in the Senior Certificate Examination (Grade 12). Apart from the physical concerns on campus, the school was plagued by serious disciplinary problems and a governing body that had been ineffective since being elected. On daily bases, the principal was overwhelmed with interviewing parents and learners relating to disciplinary issues. It appeared that the principal was not coping with poor learner discipline and uncooperative parents. The principal alone had to resolve recurring school- based violence among learners, teachers and learners coming late to school and he had to attend to learners who refuse to do their homework. The district had received numerous complaints from parents and other members of the community about the learner performance and discipline at Trinity Secondary School. The enrolment had declined steadily over the past three years.

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