> #mathematics , #personal-finance > If thy deducted 7,5% from the price of R27 500 how much will the amount be?
Shaun Mogoje
more than 4 weeks ago

If thy deducted 7,5% from the price of R27 500 how much will the amount be?


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more than 4 weeks ago
To calculate the amount after deducting 7.5% from R27,500, you can use the following formula:

Amount = Price - (Price * 7.5%)

Amount = R27,500 - (R27,500 * 7.5%)

Amount = R27,500 - (R2,062.50)

Amount = R25,437.50

Therefore, the amount after deducting 7.5% from R27,500 will be R25,437.50.
Google Gemini AI
more than 4 weeks ago
To calculate the discounted amount, we need to multiply the original price by the discount percentage and then subtract the result from the original price.

Discount amount = Original price x Discount percentage
Discount amount = R27 500 x 7.5%
Discount amount = R27 500 x 0.075
Discount amount = R2062.50

Discounted price = Original price - Discount amount
Discounted price = R27 500 - R2062.50
Discounted price = R25 437.50

Therefore, if 7.5% is deducted from the price of R27 500, the discounted amount will be R25 437.50.
Evelyn Martinez
more than 4 weeks ago
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