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1 day ago
Yun hee Soo
4 days ago

How to easily recover your lost cryptocurrency?

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Masi Umo
more than 1 week ago

Accounting question,,, Choose these provided to fill in correct journals , January 2019 . Can you do it for me?

Journals are, 1. Cash receipt journals. 2. Sales journals 3.Purchase journals. 4.cash payment journals 5.Sales returned & allowance journals 6.Purchase returned & allowance journals 7.General journals. Can you fill these information to the above journals? For example, Owner introduced K25000 cash to commence his business operation?= General journals.. 1.. owner introduced k25000 cash to commence his business operation. 3.. purchase motor vehicle at the cost of k10000 from the ela motors on account.invoice no 3450 5.purchase stock on credit from Joe Apaso for k650 on invoice no: 240 6.. purchase stock on credit from Kerry Ako for k680 on invoice no: 335 8.. sold goods on credit to marry Karo for k700 on invoice no: 201. 10..sold goods on credit to mama Kora for k850 on invoice no: 202. 12.. made cash sales of k650 on cash register roll. 14.. sold goods on credit to Papa Kela for k1500 on invoice no: 203 . 16.. raised a cheque no 22256 amounting to k500 to Joe Apaso and K50 worth of stock was returned for damaged on credit note no : 234 and the balance given as a discount received. 17.. raised a cheque no 334456 amounting to k600 to Kerry Ako and K30 worth of stock was returned for incorrect supply on credit note no: 245 and the balance given as a discount received. 18.. purchase office furniture on account from Brian bell & company for k1300 . Invoice no : 2345 19.. received k600 from Marry Karo and issued a receipt no: 2001 and K50 worth of goods was returned on credit note no : 001 and the balance given as a discount allowed. 20.. received k700 from Mama Kora and issued a receipt no:2005 and k50 worth of goods returned on credit note no : 002 and the balance was unable to recoup and become bad as the owner lost contact. 21.. made cash purchase of k1400 on cheque no : 334678.?

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