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May 12

In the aviation industry what are cargo and mails?

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May 12
Cargo refers to goods or products that are transported by air, typically in the cargo hold of an aircraft. This can include a wide range of items such as electronics, clothing, food, machinery, and more.

Mails refer to letters, packages, and other postal items that are transported by air. This can include personal mail, business correspondence, and other items that need to be delivered quickly and efficiently. Airlines often have dedicated mail services to handle the transportation of these items.
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May 12
In the aviation industry, cargo and mail refer to items that are transported by aircraft for commercial purposes:


- Freight: Refers to non-mail items such as goods, commodities, and materials transported in bulk or containerized form.
- Special Cargo: Includes live animals, perishables, hazardous materials, and high-value items that require specialized handling and documentation.


- Letters and Parcels: Comprises physical letters, postcards, and small packages handled by postal services.
- Express Mail: High-priority mail items that are delivered quickly and often require tracking.
- Electronic Mail: Transferred digitally through computer networks and electronic communication systems. This is not physically transported by aircraft.

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