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Ghard Nzayiramya
Mar 13
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Mar 13
The World Food Programme (WFP) is the food assistance branch of the United Nations and the world's largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger and promoting food security. It was established in 1961 and is headquartered in Rome, Italy.

WFP provides food assistance to over 90 million people in more than 80 countries each year, including those affected by conflict, natural disasters, and poverty. The organization works to ensure that everyone has access to nutritious food and aims to achieve zero hunger by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition to providing emergency food assistance, WFP also works on longer-term solutions to hunger and malnutrition, such as supporting smallholder farmers, improving food systems, and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

WFP relies on voluntary donations from governments, businesses, and individuals to fund its operations. It has received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 in recognition of its efforts to combat hunger and promote peace around the world.
Ghard Nzayiramya
Mar 13
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