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Write a blog about NPO?

Assignment 01 Do not pay for a BLOG, it must be FREE. Case study activity (Assignment 01) Visit any website where you can create a blog for FREE and develop a blog for a non-profit organisation (NPO) of your choice. Populate it with the following digital material: 1. Describe the vision of the NPO. 2. Describe the mission of the NPO. 3. Give the contact information, including a contact person, telephone/cellphone number, e- mail address, physical address and fax number. 4. Create a Facebook account, Twitter handle, Instagram account and YouTube link for the NPO. These social links must be active and visible on the blog page. Do not populate the social media pages for now. 5. Upload four successful stories about the NPO on the blog. All stories must have pictures with captions. 6. Upload a press release about future events (at least two) of the NPO. 30 Marks Guidelines: 1. Write the address of the NPO blogsite on the cover page of your assignment. 2. The blogsite must be active at all times. 3. Submit a PDF document, including all the material mentioned above, via myUnisa. 4. Stories must be written using desktop publishing software. 5. The online press release must be written using desktop publishing software. 6. If the NGO does not have any future events planned, you must help them to plan for at least two events for this year. This is important for your final portfolio as well. Tips: • Some of the websites where you can create a blog for free are www.wordpress.com, www.theblogstarter.com; www.wix.com; godaddy.com; weebly.com .

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