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Dec 11, 2023

Reaction of sperm :- egg plasmalemma?

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Dec 11, 2023
When a sperm comes into contact with the egg's plasmalemma (cell membrane), a series of reactions occur.

First, the sperm binds to specific receptors on the egg's surface. This binding triggers the acrosome reaction, where the acrosome (a specialized structure at the tip of the sperm) releases enzymes. These enzymes help the sperm penetrate the egg's protective layers, such as the zona pellucida.

Once the sperm has penetrated the egg's outer layers, it fuses with the egg's plasmalemma. This fusion is known as fertilization or the fusion of gametes. It allows the genetic material of the sperm (carried in its nucleus) to enter the egg.

After fusion, the egg undergoes a series of changes to prevent the entry of additional sperm. This process is called the cortical reaction, where the egg releases cortical granules that modify the zona pellucida, making it impenetrable to other sperm.

Overall, the reaction of the sperm with the egg's plasmalemma is a crucial step in fertilization, allowing the sperm to deliver its genetic material to the egg and initiate the development of a new organism.

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