May 16


Learners must write a reflection on the entire research project indicating how GBV affected their thinking , attitude and behavior .


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May 16
Throughout the research project on gender-based violence (GBV), I have been deeply impacted by the prevalence and severity of this issue. Learning about the various forms of GBV, such as physical, emotional, and sexual violence, has opened my eyes to the harsh realities faced by many individuals around the world.

This project has caused me to reflect on my own attitudes and beliefs surrounding GBV. I have realized that I may have held misconceptions or stereotypes about victims of GBV, and I now understand the importance of empathy and support for survivors. I have also become more aware of the systemic factors that contribute to GBV, such as gender inequality and societal norms that perpetuate violence.

In terms of my behavior, this project has motivated me to take action to combat GBV. I have become more vocal in speaking out against violence and advocating for policies and programs that support survivors. I have also made a commitment to educate others about GBV and the ways in which we can all work towards creating a safer and more equitable society.

Overall, this research project has been a transformative experience for me. It has challenged me to confront my own biases and assumptions, and has inspired me to become a more active and informed ally in the fight against GBV. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow through this project, and I am committed to continuing to work towards a world free from gender-based violence.
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May 16
Reflection on the Impact of GBV Research on My Thinking, Attitude, and Behavior

The research project on gender-based violence (GBV) embarked upon has profoundly affected my perspectives, emotions, and actions. This transformative experience has ignited a deep understanding of the pervasive nature of GBV and its devastating consequences for individuals, families, and communities.

Shifting Thinking:

Before undertaking this research, I held a limited understanding of GBV. I had primarily associated it with physical abuse, unaware of its insidious manifestations such as emotional, economic, and sexual violence. Through extensive literature reviews and case studies, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the myriad forms GBV can take. This revelation has broadened my comprehension of the issue and its far-reaching impact.

Evolving Attitude:

The research has instilled within me a profound empathy for GBV survivors. I have come to realize the courage and resilience they display in the face of adversity. Their stories have shattered my initial preconceptions and assumptions. I now recognize that GBV is not a taboo subject but rather a fundamental human rights violation that demands urgent attention and support.

Altering Behavior:

Inspired by the research findings, I am committed to actively challenging GBV in my actions. This includes speaking out against sexist jokes or comments, supporting organizations that work to combat GBV, and educating others about the issue. I believe that by breaking the silence and fostering open dialogue, we can create a society where GBV is no longer tolerated.

Personal Growth:

Beyond the academic realm, this research has sparked a profound personal transformation within me. I have developed a greater sense of compassion, empathy, and social responsibility. It has ignited a passion for advocating for the rights of those who are marginalized and silenced. This journey has not only enriched my knowledge but also shaped me into a more compassionate and engaged individual.


The research project on GBV has been a transformative experience that has profoundly influenced my thinking, attitude, and behavior. It has awakened me to the pervasiveness and devastating effects of GBV, instilling within me a deep empathy for survivors and a unwavering commitment to combatting this scourge. The knowledge and insights I have gained will forever guide my actions as I strive to create a world where gender-based violence is a thing of the past.

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