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Jul 15, 2020

What if a man is attacked by an alligator or crocodile? Can the victim do anthing to save himself from a life threatening injury?

I saw the news and found this video on Dailymail that a man was attacked by an alligator in North Carolina and luckily escaped. How is that even possible? I mean I am happy for him, but is there anything to be done, a technique to save yourself from a leathal bite or two? Why I am this curious is that I was going to take my family to Egypt to see the desert, the pyramids and the river Nile and it is known there you can find some nasty beasts aswell. I fear for my family's and my own life but a trip to Egypt is going to be a marvelous experience for my children and husband. Maybe next year, until then we have some time to prepare ourselves for the adventures to come.

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