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Jul 19, 2020

Why did the dixie chicks change their name? What does dixie mean?

Why did the band called dixie chicks change their name in fact? What does the term they wanted to loose - dixie - mean? Was it really a must to shorten the dixie chicks only to the chicks? The choice doesn't seem a thoughtful decision to me rather seems they were in a hurry because of the newest global trend called BLM. It's ok to stand for anti-rasism, world peace, freedom of speach and all this but I beg your pardon, to change a world known band's name this poorly? What do you think? Whas the BLM movement the cause of the sudden change?

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Jul 15, 2020

Is there any sense of taking action for everyone -regardless of race, religion, mother tongue or nationality - like the NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or the protesters worldwide of the BLM movement?

All the social media and the news pages are talking about the covid-19, BLM protests and fighting against antisemitism. Filmstars, influencers, vloggers, sportmen and even businessmen are taking action and express their feelings and what concerns them these trubling times. Also the NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, btw he is one of my favorite sportsmen, is fighting and took a side and represents a fully euitable and politically correct, tolerant view. Despite all these strong and loud opinions, articles, videos, etc. that come to light each and every day I feel like nothing is changing. The harder we want to change the more responsibility we have and I am concerned about the outcome and the consequences... Also what could I do as a common person? I am not a protester type.. else? Is this even my fight as a Hungarian living in Prague?

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