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Leila Christopher
more than 1 week ago

What's app community ?

Hello I've come up with a what's app community where members can join and vent, talk freely and openly without judgement. It's my idea that it will get popular enough, and enough traffic where by members can support eachother in difficult times

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Heloise Vanorsdale
more than 2 weeks ago

Seventh-day Adventists: Looking Beyond the Sabbath

While Seventh day Adventists are often known for their Sabbath observance their beliefs go further, than that. They emphasize the importance of living by advocating for abstaining from alcohol, tobacco and drugs well as promoting vegetarianism and overall well being. Additionally their commitment to acts and education stands out as they actively participate in programs to support those in need and enhance education opportunities. Drawing from teachings Seventh day Adventists view prophecy as a guiding principle for development and community service. Therefore their faith encompasses not observing the Sabbath but also taking an approach, to health, charity work and education.

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more than 2 weeks ago
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May 6

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