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May 11, 2023

What is the correct description ?

Match each word with the correct description : Word 1.Consent to the risk of harm 2.Liability insurance 3.Legal disputes 4.Negligence 5.Safety in physical education and sports coaching 6.Physical educator or coaches can be held liable 7.Physical educator or coach cannot be held liable Choose description and match with the suitable word motioned above: 1. A learner falls off a piece of gymnastics equipment and sprains his ankle after you asked him not to climb the equipment. 2. Inappropriate action(s) while performing duties as an educator or coach 3. Your learners are playing a rough, physical game where they made up the rules and a learner breaks her arm. 4.Taking out of policies to protect against liability 5. Have a clear, written rules for participation and general conduct 6. Can be avoided by knowing your responsibilities, duties, and powers 7. A defence against liability in in dangerous physical education or sports activities

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