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Jan 17

As a Web site Developer student, criticall.analyze at least six different websites for the following categories; ✓ECommerce ✓Universities ✓Hospitals ✓URA ✓Government Ministries ✓NGOs ✓IT Companies? ?

1.Document the domain for each of the above selected websites. 2.Capture screen shots of the home pages containing the main Menu for each of the selected entity orcategory above. 3.Evaluate, critique and document the color choices for each of the selectedwebsites. 4.Document the simiar controls and componentscutting across the above websites. 5.Generally, Critique the above selected websites, citing the loopholes, setbacks. 6.Identifyand documentthe visiblesecurity features from the above websites 7.Basing on the critiques report, in your opinion Suggest ways inwhich the above websites could be improved. Pay Attention to the popular and B?

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