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12 hours ago

How do doctors contribute more than teachers in modern society in an essay of 350 words?

In today's modern society,there are many contributors.People and workers contributes in different ways.So who contributes more to modern society,well personally I would say Doctors.Doctors do so much and are a huge contributor to our modern society. Firstly, Doctors save lives. Doctors are the reason why many people,adults, children even disabled people are alive and healthy, Doctors take risk and look for ways that they can improve their patients life or save their patients life. Doctors also play a vital role in finding new, innotave and safe ways to cure diseases.Medical doctors are critical factor in our health Departments and Hospitala . Doctors work long hours and use their time to research and explore new meditation and find or come up with ideas to cure diseases. Stopping pandemics are yet another reason why doctors are a greater contributor to the modern society

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