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May 16, 2020

Which brand's multi air conditioner is the best for heating?

I live in Hungary, near Siófok. I would like to replace my heating system (central heating with wood-fired boiler) to a multi air conditioner system. My plan is to install 5 indoor units (3 to ground floor and 2 to the first floor (two floor house). I watched several videos and read a bunch of articles about multi ac'a both in English and Hunagrian, but honestly I don't know what brand is the best for me. My personal favorite is LG MU5R30 unit, I think it is suitable for me with 5 PC09SQ indoor units. But I don't know that is is the best in this price range (around 655.000 HUF, now it is around 1870 EUR for the outdoor unit). Do you personally have experience about this unit. According to the manual, it can heat up to -15 degrees outdoor temperature. Here it is very rare as I can see from the past few years. Please tell me if it is a good unit or please recommend me an another in similar price range. This would me my main heating system, and after a year I would like to remove my old system, so I want a reliable one.

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