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Mar 8
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Anthony Pitt
Mar 5


Determine the distance from the base of a cliff 75 meters high to a point in the sea where the shell will strike if the shell is projected horizontally from the top of the cliff with a velocity of 1500m/s?

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Feb 1

Help to solve the question below?

you may solve this question?

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Jayvyn Kage
Jan 22

Can you help me?

(Question #1 btw) With a non bull shit answer what is a great potion or spell in real life that will make me strong? I want to stop being weak and finally heal people.

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Jul 25, 2023
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Apr 4, 2023

Can you please help me regarding mental health?

Lots of thoughts are running in my mind can you please help me out

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Nov 17, 2022

Hi! I wanna ask and see your opinion about this..?

So i have this friend for a while and she keeps on asking me everytime what's our homework like ALWAYS its like, she's been relying on me all the time and this time she asked ME to make her a PROJECT. And i had enough of her bcs it's an individual task! So i talked to her and she apologized but idk what to do.. i told her that I'll think abt it and its been a day.. what should i do?

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