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May 26, 2023

Is it true or false?

QUESTION 1 1.1 State whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. If the statement is FALSE, provide the correct answer. 1.1.1 Assessment in learning suggests that there is a link between classroom knowledge and real-life situations. (2) 1.1.2 Post-moderation is done after learners have written the task and the teacher has completed marking. It can also be done at the district, provincial and national levels. (2) 1.1.3 Although each classroom is heterogeneous, teachers should never consider the diversity of learners when planning assessments. (2) 1.1.4 When a teacher fails to assess properly, they will not be able to improve the quality of their instruction and the learners’ learning results. (2) 1.2Provide one term for the following definitions. 1.2.1 A formative assessment that helps learners to gain more insight into their own activities, shortcomings, and strong points. (2) 1.2.2 The use of different assessment methods to monitor learners’ progress throughout the academic year. (2) 1.2.3 This happens when the assessments are designed before they are written or done by the learners. (2) 1.2.4 One learner making an assessment decision about the work of another learner. (2) 1.3 Provide a list of the assessment instruments which could be used when assessing an activity/task. (4)

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