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Jul 10, 2020

Which are the most amazing dishes in Hungary? What food should I try definitely?

You see I love eating, that's my passion. Healthy or not I don't mind at all. Travelling for food and exploring little villages where the elderly still cook like a century ago, moreover they let you in their home to taste their plate... that is something I admire. As I turned 40 two years ago realized that I haven't done anything so far for my own happiness and delight. So the decision was made, let's travel to taste my coutry, Czechia, then the rest of Europe. I've vizited 5 countries to far.

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Jul 10, 2020

10 most beautiful places to vizit in Hungary?

I've heared so much about this amazing little country and it's treasures so it's been decided.. our next trip abroad is Hungary. It would be a real bless to read some genuine experiences about places to vizit and accomodation, local food, restaurants, beaches, etc. Thank you

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