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e After learning the calculations presented, you can now compute the projected revenue by day, month and year based on your business concept. Aling Minda is operating a buy and sell business, she sells broomsticks (walis tingting) in her stall at a local market. She gets her broomsticks from a local supplier for 25 pesos each. She then adds 50 percent mark-up on each broomstick. Every day, aling Minda can sell 30 broomsticks. Use the template below and fill in the necessary figures based on the scenario. Remember to use the factors to consider in projecting revenues and refer to Tables 1, 2 and 3 as your guide. Table 1 Projected Daily Revenue Name of Business ___________________________ Merchandise/ Products Cost per Unit (A) Mark-up ____% (B) Selling Price (C) Projected Volume (D) Projected Revenue (E) Average No. of Items Sold (Daily) (Daily) (A) (B)= (A x .50) (C)= (A+B) (D) (E) =(C x D) Total Use the calculations you have made in Table 1 to successfully complete the information in Table 2 and calculate the projected monthly and yearly revenue of Aling Minda’s business. For Table 3, use the following assumed increases in sales every month. From January to May, 5 per cent increase from previous sales. For the month of June, 10 per cent increase from previous sales. For the months July to December, record the same sales every month Table 2 Projected Monthly and Yearly Revenue Table 3 Projected Monthly Revenue Name of Business ___________________________ Month January February March April May June Revenue Month July August September October November December Revenue What I Have Learned Entrepreneurs use ______________ techniques to determine events that might affect the operation of the business. Factors such as __________ and _________ must be considered to avoid possible complications in the future. To forecast revenues, it is best that the entrepreneur must be acquainted with the _________, and __________ to determine the selling price of a product. This way, the selling price is then multiplied to the projected volume to arrive with the ______________. The entrepreneur should always present the assumptions to consider in projecting revenues, may it be seasonality, economic slow down or changes in costumer preferences and the like. This will help achieve the best educated estimate of your revenues Name of Business ___________________________ Merchandise/ Products Selling Price Projected Volume Projecte d Revenue Projected Volume Projected Revenue Average No. of Items Sold (Monthly) Average No. of Items Sold (Yearly) (Monthly) (Yearly) (C)= (A+B) F= (D x 30 days) G= (C x F) H= (D x 365 days) I= (C x H)

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