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Aug 6, 2023

How would you incorporate the principle of Ubuntu in your implementation of the whole school approach?

Question 2 Read the paragraph below and answer question 2.1. Timothy Thobela is a new teacher at Timber full-service school. He is well qualified with an Honours degree in inclusive education and is a teacher to grade seven learners. At the beginning of his first year at school he conducted screening of the learners who had passed grade 6 the previous year in order to identify those who needed specific support. When he finished this exercise, he went to the Head of the Department and said, “Madam, I have diagnosed a learner with dyslexia,and I recommend that he should be referred to a special school”. 2.1 Identify three cardinal mistakes that Timothy made in his attempt to assist learners with learning disabilities and give reasons why you think these were mistakes that Timothy needs to avoid in future. (9) 2.2 The whole school approach is needed to support vulnerable learners with learning difficulties.  2.2.1 How would you implement this approach if you were given this task at the school in which you are working. Your discussion should include different aspects to be considered when implementing the whole school approach. (10) 2.2.2. How would you incorporate the principle of Ubuntu in your implementation of the whole school approach? (5) 2.3 Mr Charlie Anderson is an experienced teacher at Starters full-service school. In his quest to identify and support learners with learning barriers in his class, he put together an inventory of the strengths and needs of the learners across a broad spectrum. On the basis of the information gathered, he found a learner who needed extra support and he invited the learner’s parents to be part of the formulation of the individual support plan to support the identified learner. The review date was set for the learner unfortunately at the time of the reviews they found that the plan did not work as the learner had not shown any signs of progress. 2.3.1 Discuss what the next step should be to ensure that the learner is assisted and also state who should be involved in that step. (3) 2.3.2 Explain the importance of assessments to teachers. (3)​

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