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1 formulate an algebraic formulae ?

A company manufactures mountain and racing bikes each mountain bike is sold at sh 6375 and a racing bike is sold at sh 9000 . A racing bike requires 6 kilogram at of aluminium while a mountain bike requires 4 kilogram of aluminium Aluminium cost sh 750 per kilogram it costs the company sh 375 per hour to assemble each bike (irrespective of model) it takes 1 hour to assemble a racing bike and 2hours to assemble a mountain bike . There are 4800 kilogrammes of aluminium available and a total of 1600 hours available for assembly . Required to formulate  the algebraic linear programming problem?

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Oct 28, 2023

1. The following is according to Mills and Walters, EXCEPT?

I. Science and technical writing are linked together. II. Technical writing needs to be partial and subjective. III. Technical writing is embodied by objectivity in nature. IV. Technical writing is writing unassociated with science-related subjects.

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