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Jul 15, 2020

Do you have Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter, Tiktok and other registrations like me? I think I have too many online accounts to manage

What do you think about having all these accounts and more..? I do have Yahoo, LinkedIn, 9gag registrations and at least 25 applications on my mobile to manage each and every day. I use them for work and social life aswell but these days a feeling concerns me that I should delete at least the half of them because being online takes so much of my freetime... As soon I realize how much time I spent on Amazon checking out something and comparing prices, get angry and frustrated. Precious hours are spent with senseless clicking and caressing the screen instead of doing something useful... and there is my Netflix and HBO Go registration, binge watching some brainteasing series... that isn't that useless but still unhealthy. How do you manage your free time and the amount of time spent online or in front of screens?

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