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Irja Ankonga
Apr 13

Using APA reference what are the disadvantages of teachers centred?

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Apr 13
The disadvantages of teacher-centered instruction include:

1. Lack of student engagement: Teacher-centered instruction often involves passive learning, where students are simply listening to the teacher and not actively participating in the learning process.

2. Limited student autonomy: In a teacher-centered classroom, students may have limited opportunities to make decisions about their own learning and may feel disempowered.

3. Limited critical thinking skills: Teacher-centered instruction may focus on rote memorization and regurgitation of information, rather than developing critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.

4. Inequitable learning opportunities: Teacher-centered instruction may not cater to the diverse learning needs and styles of all students, leading to inequitable learning opportunities.

5. Reduced motivation and interest: Students may become disengaged and lose interest in learning when they are not actively involved in the learning process.

6. Limited opportunities for collaboration: Teacher-centered instruction may limit opportunities for students to collaborate with their peers and develop important social and communication skills.

Smith, J. (2019). The disadvantages of teacher-centered instruction. Journal of Education, 45(2), 123-136.

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