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Referring to the story below, what do you think are the five components that make up a teaching and learning community?

A group of teachers at Khanya Township School decided to forge a path of change in their school. Recognizing the challenges that surrounded their classrooms, they formed a Professional Learning Community (PLC) named UNITY. The teachers at UNITY faced overcrowded classrooms and scarce resources. However, their shared commitment to enhancing education created a bond that went beyond the walls of their school. The PLC became a hub of ideas and support, where teachers collaborated to navigate challenges and share innovative teaching methods. Through collaborative efforts, UNITY implemented a mentorship program, pairing experienced educators with those newer to the profession. This simple yet effective initiative alleviated the strain on individual teachers and created a supportive network that echoed with the spirit of unity. In response to outdated resources, the PLC embraced technology. They created a digital platform where teachers could access and share lesson plans, resources, and creative teaching ideas. The virtual space became a treasure trove of knowledge, injecting vitality into classrooms and providing students with a more engaging learning experience. As word spread about UNITY’s success, other township schools joined the movement. The PLCs formed a network of support, each contributing to the collective mission of enhancing education in the townships.

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Please clarify your choice of pedagogy.

1) digital pedagogy, 2) a humanizing pedagogy, 3) andragogy, and 4) a vocational pedagogy. Clarify in no more than five hundred (500) words for each of the above pedagogy. why you have chosen them by relating them to the value they bring to your teaching subject discipline of financial management.

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