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Irja Ankonga
Apr 3

Using good examples define the word learner centred?

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Apr 3
Learner-centered refers to an approach to education that focuses on the needs, interests, and abilities of the individual learner. This approach places the learner at the center of the learning process, allowing them to take an active role in their own education.

Examples of learner-centered practices include:

1. Allowing students to choose topics for research projects or assignments based on their interests and passions.
2. Providing opportunities for students to collaborate with their peers and engage in group discussions and activities.
3. Offering a variety of learning resources and materials to accommodate different learning styles and preferences.
4. Giving students the freedom to work at their own pace and take ownership of their learning journey.
5. Providing regular feedback and opportunities for reflection to help students track their progress and set goals for improvement.

Overall, a learner-centered approach empowers students to take control of their learning and encourages them to be active participants in the educational process.

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